Water Saving Tips

  • While washing our hands, brushing our teeth, shaving, washing the dishes or doing other similar actions, it is a good idea not to have the tap open all the time except when you really need the water.


  • Cook using utensils of the appropriate size according to the food we want to make.


  • Water the flowers on a balcony or garden only in the morning or afternoon and always with the necessary dosages. If you have a garden with automatic watering,set this to be done also in the morning and afternoon hours and always check at regular intervals for any leaks in the irrigation network (pipes, nozzles, etc.).
  • Wash your vehicle (eg a car) with a sponge and a bucket of water without using the hose on a permanent basis except at the beginning and at the end (rinsing).


  • Wash your balconies and yards using a broom and not with a constantly running faucet. If there is the possibility, use a pressure/washing machine as it saves water and with the greater pressure it offers, you can any work in less time and more efficiently.


  • Do not defrost food by leaving it under an open kitchen faucet.


  • Don’t leave the water on during the bath/shower when you don’t need it.


  • Wash your dishes or clothes when the necessary number has been gathered according to the capacity of your washing machines. You don’t need to use washing machines only for a few dishes, glasses or clothes etc.


  • Don’t rinse the dishes before washing by leaving the tap open. It is best to use a little water in the sink to soak and soften the stains first.


  • Check and repair any leaks in taps, toilet flush but also in places that are not immediately visible (piping etc.). For any leaks that are not in obvious places one way is to check your water meter. After making sure that your faucets are closed, your water meter should not turn at all. If it turns even a little then it means that water is passing and you should check afterwards all your pipes, taps, toilet flush etc.


  • When you leave the property for a period of time (short or long), it is advisable to close the central valve of the Hydrometer because any leaks during our absence will cause water waste and increase your bill.

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