About DEYA Thermaikou

DEYA Thermaikou

The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation of the Municipality of Thermaikos is a legal entity under private law with a public benefit character and is governed by the provisions of Law N.1069/80 regarding the administration, organization, execution, operation and maintenance of the projects under its responsibility as well as its funding sources.

DEYA Thermaikou was founded in 2011 after the merger of DEYA Thermaikou, DEYA Michanionas and DEYA Epanomis, based on the provisions of Law N.1069/80 and operates with the aim of covering the water supply and drainage needs of the citizens of the Municipality, the improvement of the existing water network, the completion of the construction and operation of the sewer network, the substantial and integrated provision of cleaning services for the Municipality and the wider region.

The optimal provision of these services remains the primary objective which is constantly adapted to the changing demands of the served citizens for a healthy quality of life and an upgrade of the environment.

Board of directors

The regular members of the Board of Directors of DEYA Thermaikou are the following:

1. Giannakidis Simeon, Municipal Councilor, as President
2. Trokanas Efstratios, Municipal Councillor, as Vice President
3. Karagianni Skartadou Morfoula, Municipal Councillor
4. Evangelinou Despina Vaya, Municipal Councillor
5. Davelas Georgios, Municipal Councillor
6. Vogiatzis Ioannis, Municipal Councillor
7. Tsakmakas Ioannis, Municipal Councillor
8. Vassiliadis Nikolaos, employee representative
9. Kokkoris Dimitrios, Agency representative
10. Kontanas Petros, citizen
11. Tyritidou Athanasia, citizen

The substitute members of the Board of Directors of DEYA Thermaikou are the following:

1. Zavaropoulos Theodoros, Municipal Councillor
2. Baxevanis Fotios, Municipal Councillor
3. Salpigidis Georgios, Municipal Councillor
4. Harmanas Georgios, Municipal Councillor
5. Biros Thomas, Municipal Councillor
6. Tsamaslis Georgios, Municipal Councillor
7. Tellidou Ifigenia, employee representative
8. Saridemertzi Archontia, Agency representative
9. Efthymiadis Georgios, citizen
10. Angeloudi Eleni, citizen

Bill Payment Methods


Through Eurobank, NBG and Piraeus Bank, using the payment code that you will find on the printed invoice of DEYA Thermaikou.

Cash or POS

At the DEYATH cash desk, located at Neoi Epivates, Logothetou 1,
Monday – Friday 8:00 – 13:00


With cash or through POS at the ELTA Branches Greek Postal Offices (until the payment deadline)


Using the Ydata application