Announcement of the President of DEYA Thermaikou

26 June, 2024

Due to the overconsumption and waste of water due to the large increase in population especially in the summer season and unfavorable weather conditions for water, the increase in consumption pressures results in the transport of portable materials from the very old pipelines, which results in some familiar .

The same happens with very frequent failures due to the age of the network.

Superhuman efforts are made by the minimum staff serving in DEYA Thermaikou (one (1) only plumber and two (2) engineers in the technical service) to cover a water supply network of approximately 800 kilometers and the Epanomi sewerage network to ensure that there is water in the municipality and that it is drinkable .

The lack of staff and the ban on recruitment is due to the respective governments and municipal authorities who deliberately try to downgrade the DEYA.

The failure to provide for the creation of expanders in previous years has resulted in the creation of the phenomenon of the existence of impure water in some pipes for a short period of time.

Efforts are already being made to make several relief points to clean up the network.

Efforts are also being made to the government to include water supply network change programs in all municipal units of the Municipality.

Also frequent analyzes are made for the suitability of the water.

Citizens should understand that wasting water due to climatic conditions will create huge problems and should follow the guidelines of the EPA to limit consumption.